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21-Day Habit-Maker Charity Challenge

Motivation Gets You Going. Habit Keeps You Going.

Your $97 Donation To Prayers From Maria Gives You 21 Days Of
World-Class Fitness and Nutrition Training, Instruction and Motivation To Help You Get The Body and Health You Want, And Create The Habits You Need.

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Make Life-Changing Habits In Just 21 Days, And Help Change The Lives of Children Fighting Brain Cancer. 100% of Your Donation Goes Directly to Charity


Here’s What You Get For Just a One-Time $97 Donation to Prayers From Maria

Success Session! ($150 Value)

When you sign up for Habit-Maker, the first thing we do is schedule your success session. You’ll come in and meet with us. We’ll talk about your goals and map out a personalized 21-day fitness and nutrition plan for you and we’ll take you through a demo workout so you can experience our unique systems first hand. 

21-Day Strength Training Program! ($360 Value)

Three weeks of one-on-one personal training with a certified MaxStrength Fitness exercise specialist.  You will experience first hand how our clients achieve amazing results in only 2–20 minute sessions per week.  We’ll also give you guidance on what to do on your off days and it’s not nearly as difficult and involved as you might think.  

21-Day Nutrition Program! ($79 Value)

Nutrition is the foundation for a healthy and vibrant life.  We will give you 3 weeks of daily nutritional lessons and accountability to help kick start your health and fitness goals and help you once and for all adopt a healthy eating lifestyle. 

21 Days of Instruction, Accountability, Inspiration & Motivation! ($29 Value)

Recognition, Rewards & Prizes! (Value: Priceless!)


You'll also receive...

World Class Coaching: Certified, professional and experienced coaches who understand that it’s not just the exercise, but also the personal connection, motivation, inspiration and customized instruction that matters most.

State of the Art Equipment and Programming: When you walk into our facility you’ll immediately know MaxStrength Fitness is different and better. The equipment, coaching and programming are all state of the art. This is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen or experienced before. Take a look for yourself…


Motivating, Professional Environment: You won’t hear blaring music, grunting and yelling, or the crashing of weights at MaxStrength. It’s you and your Coach, one-on-one, in a private, zen-like atmosphere. We keep the focus on you, so you get in and out quickly (20 minutes or less), and get the results you want quickly. 

The Science Behind Habits Is Rock-Solid And Incontrovertible…

1.     Your habits are either working for you, or against you. They’re either helping you, or hurting you.

2.     With consistent daily action, you can create new, supportive habits in as little as 21 days to replace old habits holding you hostage.

3.     Supportive habits are the secret – and the science – to a successful life.

Dear Neighbor,

For what you might spend on just one evening’s entertainment, you can help us in the fight against children’s brain cancer. And help yourself in the most remarkable way as well.

Hello, my name is Jeff Tomaszewski, President at MaxStrength Fitness, and with your support we’ll raise desperately needed, potentially life-saving funds for children suffering from brain cancer.

And as a “thank you” for your generous $97 contribution, my team and I will create a breakthrough in your life. Something that can help you – faster and more certainly than anything else – become the best version of you.


We Call It The 21-Day Habit-Maker For Good Reason

Because all the research, all the studies, and all the evidence prove the habits of consistent exercise and supportive nutrition are quite literally…life changing.

The physical health benefits are thoroughly documented, of course. Not only will you look better, but almost every ailment can be minimized, if not eliminated completely, with consistent exercise and healthy eating.

What you’ll find most surprising, though, is how your mindset changes.

Because it’s the mental (cognitive) and emotional improvements that are often the most dramatic, profound…and rewarding.

It’s the peace of mind, quiet confidence and clear thinking that comes from being fit and healthy that is truly amazing. It’s the personal power and calmness, the unbreakable self-belief and the unstoppable positive momentum that makes you who you most want to be.

There is no disagreement among the experts: the combination of the right exercise and nutrition is the closest thing to the “fountain of youth” ever discovered. Nothing else has the same power to seemingly turn back the clock, extending and enhancing your quality of life in every possible way.

The Only Secret You Need To Get The Body, Health And Mindset You Want

Let’s be honest. Dieting and do-it-yourself fitness programs just don’t work. We all start out with good intentions, but along the way, we get distracted or discouraged.

If you’re serious about achieving what matters most, you need a different approach.

Simple Daily Victories.

That’s the science and the secret to your success. Because simple daily victories don’t just add up, they compound to create unstoppable momentum that builds habits.

And once you have the habit, everything gets easier. Because now the ACTION is AUTOMATIC. It’s ingrained in your behavior. It’s part of who you are. So now you don’t have to “make yourself” do something…you just do it…out of habit.

That’s the secret to getting the body, health and mindset you want and deserve. And here’s the really exciting part: simple daily victories that create momentum and build habits…are the secret to success…in everything.

So let us show you how to do it. It takes just 21 days. And it couldn’t be easier, because it’s progressive. It’s stacking one simple victory on top of the next, for 21 days.

Who This Is For – And Other Important Details


WHO: The Habit-Maker Challenge is for anyone who wants to create the single most valuable, supportive habit of all: health and fitness. Your current fitness level does not matter. All that matters is your desire to improve your life through exercise and supportive nutrition. If you need additional information or have questions, just give us a call at (440) 835-9090.


WHEN: The Challenge begins on July 10 and ends on August 31. You can enroll at any time during that period. However, the number of challengers we can accept is limited because of the one-on-one nature of our service. If you’re serious, complete the registration form on this page right away so you don’t miss out.


WHERE: Success Sessions and all exercise training is performed in our MaxStrength Fitness Westlake Facility at 2211 Crocker Road #120, Westlake, Ohio 44145. We are across the street from American Greetings Headquarters.  OR at our MaxStrength Fitness Willoughby Facility at 4212 State Route 306 #120, Willoughby, Ohio 44094.  We are across the street from Lakeland Community College. 

HOW: Registering for the Challenge is simple. Here’s how:


1.     Complete the form on this page with your name, best email address, and phone number.

2.     You will then be taken to another page where you can either schedule your Success Session right then or wait for one of our team members to contact you within 24-48 hours to get you scheduled. 

3.     Your 21-Day Habit-Maker Challenge begins upon completion of your Success Session!


This Special Opportunity Is Very Limited


If the Habit-Maker Health and Fitness Challenge interests you, please register right away, because this opportunity is limited in two ways:


1.     Capacity. We can only accept the first 50 people to register because of the time demands on our coaches. We have a booming business that’s already near capacity, so we can only handle a limited number of Challengers.


2.     Time. Enrollment in the Challenge is only available for a very limited time. We just can’t keep this opportunity open indefinitely. So you need to act quickly. And with the limitations on our capacity, we may have to shut the Challenge down even earlier than expected.

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We respect your privacy. Your information is never shared or sold. We hate spam too!


We Don’t Make A Dime. So Why Do We Do It?

100% of your $97 donation for the 21-Day Habit-Maker Challenge goes directly to Prayers From Maria Charity. We don’t make a dime. So why do we do it?


There are two reasons, actually…


1.     It feels right. We’re so thankful to serve the Westlake community for ten straight years now plus the opportunity to serve the east side of Cleveland with our new Willoughby facility. We’ve made a lot of friends and developed great relationships. We’re always looking for ways to pay that gratitude forward. Ways to be more, give more and grow more. The Habit-Maker Challenge is one of those ways.


2.     It’s win-win. We give a lot of people who may not otherwise try our service an opportunity to make a significant and valuable change in their lives in just 21 days with our help. And some of those folks, maybe including you, will fall in love with what we do and choose to continue working with us.

Complete This Form Now to Register While Spots Are Still Available

We respect your privacy. Your information is never shared or sold. We hate spam too!